Yellow-headed Parrot

Field Trip: Parrots

Sat, Nov 20, 2021

Leaders: Larry Allen and others.

Come join us for a trip to see some of the thousands of naturalized parrots and parakeets that now flourish in the Los Angeles area. The trip is in the late afternoon, as we plan to find the parrots as they come into their evening roosts, sometimes in large numbers. The majority of the hundreds of Amazona parrots present will be Red-crowned, but Lilac-crowned, Red-lored, and Yellow-headed should be present, with others possible.

This trip is limited to 15. All attendees must be vaccinated and bring proof of vaccination with them for the field trip.

After making a reservation below, you will receive a confirmation with the meeting time and place.

See you there for the (often very loud) parrot spectacle!