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Los Angeles Birders (LAB) is a nonprofit all-volunteer public benefit organization, working cooperatively to provide a variety of bird and birding-related programming and activities to Southern California birders interested in birding and community science. All are welcome!

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Los Angeles Birders - A Birders' Organization for the 21st Century

NEW! To see some of what LAB has accomplished over the last year, and to see what we plan for the future, please see here!

Los Angeles Birders (LAB) is a non-profit organization formed in 2020. The mission of Los Angeles Birders (LAB) is to bring birding, knowledge, and field experience together to encourage, educate, and empower birders. Although our geographic focus is on the greater Los Angeles area, we welcome all birders who share the same passion, regardless of where they may live.

LAB is an all-volunteer organization that aims to improve birders' field skills, enhance their understanding of avian biology and to introduce them the latest cutting-edge science and research. LAB plans to develop, organize and support local field ornithology projects.

LAB recognizes and supports other like-minded non-profit field ornithology organizations, such as Western Field Ornithologists, as well as conservation groups, including local Audubon societies.

We currently hold monthly webinar meetings, which are recorded and are available here.

Student birders are welcome! To learn more about our student group (LAB-S) please visit here.

We offer memberships to LAB, and we accept tax-deductible donations. Furthermore, your purchases at Amazon.com can generate a donation to LAB when you access amazon through this link.

We now have LAB merchandise (hats, tee shirts, face masks, etc).

And feel free to contact us!

Los Angeles Birders
3579 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite 619
Pasadena, CA  91107

Los Angeles Birders welcomes birders of all backgrounds and nationalities, regardless of race, religion, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We support the equal treatment of all people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is LAB different from Audubon and other birding groups?

    LAB is an independent birding organization created by and for birders and is not an Audubon chapter. We have no affiliation with Audubon or any other umbrella organization — but we do have birds in common! LAB differs from Audubon chapters and National Audubon in our goals and mission. While Audubon’s mission is focused on advocacy and conservation, LAB is focused on field ornithology and community science. LAB’s closest “relative”, so to speak, is Western Field Ornithologists (WFO), which has a similar mission, but a much wider geographic scope.

  2. Can I or should I belong to Los Angeles Birders even though I already belong to my local Audubon chapter?

    Yes, you can, and probably should — we’re different organizations with different but allied goals, but we all care about birds! LAB’s mission is to help make you a better birder, and doesn’t plan on making big strides in the advocacy and conservation work for which Audubon, The Nature Conservancy, or the Sierra Club are already so well-known (and successful).

  3. Why should I become a LAB member?

    LAB members help to keep our all-volunteer non-profit group afloat, and receive the following benefits:

    • Access to live webinars via Zoom, allowing for more interactivity with presenters
    • Priority sign-up for LAB classes, field trips, and other events
    • Discounts on paid LAB classes and programs
    • And more to come

    We wouldn’t be able to make our webinars freely available if it weren’t for our members!

  4. What’s the difference between watching the webinars on Zoom (available only to LAB members) and watching them live on YouTube?

    Webinars viewed on Zoom are designed so that the host and panelists can share their video, audio and screen. Only LAB members can register to attend webinars via Zoom, where they can interact via Q&A and Chat with the panelists and other attendees; they can also participate in interactive polls and quizzes.

    Webinars viewed on our YouTube livestream are designed so that any viewer, LAB member or not, can watch the webinar in almost real time (there are several seconds of delay between Zoom and YouTube broadcasts). YouTube livestream viewers cannot interact with panelists, use the Q&A, Chat or participate in polling questions.

  5. How do I become a member?

    Please click the “Join/Renew” button on the LA Birders website or click here.

  6. How do I renew my membership? When should I renew my membership?

    To renew your membership, please click the “Join/Renew” button on the LA Birders website or click here. Please use the same name and contact information as your original membership, and your membership will be automatically renewed.

    Memberships can be renewed any time before they expire, and the term of the membership will be extended by 12 months from the expiration date. We will send you a renewal reminder email the month before your membership is due to expire. Thank you for being a member of LAB — we appreciate your support!

  7. How do I make a gift membership?

    To make a gift membership, please click the “Join/Renew” button on the LA Birders website or click here. Please enter the contact information of the person to whom you would like to gift the membership. We use this contact information to send out Zoom links to webinars, invitations to LAB events etc. On the payment page that follows, please enter your credit card and billing information.

    Please note that a membership renewal reminder will be sent to your giftee when their membership is about to expire.

  8. I'm interested in watching a certain webinar that I missed. How can I watch it?

    There are two ways to watch recorded LAB webinars:

    • Go directly to the Webinars page on the LAB website and scroll down until you find the webinar that you wish to view. Click on the webinar title and scroll down until you see the video embedded in the webpage.

    • Go directly to the Los Angeles Birders YouTube Channel

  9. How do I ask questions on a webinar?

    Questions can be answered using the Q&A module within Zoom, which should appear in the toolbar that is (usually) at the bottom of your Zoom screen. Questions will usually be answered at the end of the webinar, but presenters will sometimes decide to take questions throughout the webinar instead.

    You can make any comments you’d like to pose to all attendees in the Chat feature; make sure the dropdown menu is set to message “All” or “Everyone” (depending on your OS).

  10. What if I have a problem with connecting to Zoom for a webinar?

    Sometimes you just need to re-load Zoom, and simply quitting out of the Zoom app and logging back in may be the solution. If that doesn’t work, you can join the YouTube livestream, so you won’t miss anything!

  11. LAB-S - what's that?

    Los Angeles Birders — Students is a group inviting young birders of all skill levels to join our student program. Students between the ages of 10–20 years are welcome, but younger birders with real interest are also welcome. LAB-S connects students with like-minded people from around LA County and beyond!

    Please see the LAB-S webpage for more information about LAB-S activities and programs.

  12. How can I get my child or grand-child involved in LAB-S?

    Los Angeles Birders — Student memberships are available for just $10 a year and signing up the child in your life is simple! Please click the “Join/Renew” button on the LA Birders website or click here to sign up (or to sign up for your child).

  13. Does LAB have a refund policy?

    Los Angeles Birders (LAB) generally does not give refunds for classes, seminars, field trips, or other events that have a monetary cost. These payments are considered a donation to Los Angeles Birders and are tax deductible as allowed by law.

    In extraordinary circumstances, the leader of the event may request that a refund be made. In any event, the request by the participant must be made to the leader of the event at least five days prior to the event so that LAB has a chance to fill the empty space or seat.

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