Canyon Wren

Field Trip: Red Box Gap

Sun, Aug 13, 2023

Leaders: Lance Benner and Naresh Satyan

Come join us for a leisurly hike in the San Gabriel Mountains from Red Box Gap about 1.5 miles down the West Fork Canyon to the east. This will be at mid-elevations with altitudes starting at about 4600 feet and dropping about 600 feet. This is a lovely area with some beautiful habitat with mixed live oak-coniferous forest, chaparral, and a creek with running water. Possible species include mountain quail, olive-sided flycatcher, western wood-pewee, canyon wren, hairy woodpecker, and more. We’re going to identify a lot of species by sound, so come prepared to practice birding by ear, and we’re going to do some sound recording. This trip requires a steep hike back up that we’ll do slowly with lots of breaks. Bring sunscreen, sturdy shoes, a floppy hat, water, recording equipment if you have it (a cell phone is fine), and, of course, binoculars.

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