California Condor

Condors, Conservation, Biology, and Careers

Joseph Brandt, Sr. Biologist, USFWS

Thu, Jul 08, 2021 7:00 PM

Photo of Joseph Brandt

Spectacular and endangered, the California Condor is a magnificent scarce sighting. What a privilege it is to see a California Condor, so imagine if it's your job to protect and care for wild California Condors!

So just how does one get to be a Condor biologist?

Join us for a conversation with a very special guest, Joseph Brandt, Senior Biologist at US Fish and Wildlife Service and former lead biologist with the California Condor Recovery Project for nearly 15 years working with California Condors in southern California. Joseph is a California Condor pioneer and has made many significant contributions to the historic comeback of the California Condor. Today Joseph is a Senior Biologist in the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

But what steps did he take to get these remarkable biology positions? Paths are not often linear…

Join Joseph as he takes us on his career path journey. It’s bound to be educational, inspirational and fun! Be sure to bring your questions about Condors, Conservation, Biology and Careers!