Warbling Vireo held by a bander.

Bird Banding Basics


Thu, Mar 11, 2021 7:00 PM

Every now and then we may see a bird with a band or ring on its leg. So what’s up with those bands? What are they for and who put them on the bird and how?

Scientists put bands on birds to identify and keep track of individual birds. The bands are like a car license plate, as each band is inscribed with a unique set of numbers. Data from banded birds can provide useful information about migration, behavior, lifespan, reproductive success, and trends in population over time. Bird banding is one of the oldest and most important techniques used for studying and identifying individual birds.

Join Aaron as he describes his knowledge and first-hand experience of banding birds in Zuma Canyon with Master Bander Walt Sakai. It’s sure to be informative and fun!