Northern Pygmy-Owl

Confusing Bird Sounds in the Southern California Mountains: Owls, Red Crossbills, and More

Dr. Lance Benner

Tue, May 18, 2021 7:00 PM

The owls in the Southern California mountains and foothills produce a bewildering array of vocalizations that are often confused with other owls, other birds, and even mammals.

The goal of this presentation is to discuss confusing owl vocalizations that are often misidentified and help you learn how to sort through them. There will be a particular emphasis on sounds often confused with northern pygmy owls. We’ll discuss and play recordings of the owlsthat nest in the nearby mountains, how to identify them by sound, and how to avoid confusing them with everything else. Time permitting, we may briefly discuss distinguishing red crossbill flight call types from potential sources of confusion, and how to differentiate the songs of green-tailed towhees and thick-billed fox sparrows.

Join Lance as he guides through the similar and confusing sounds made by Owls, Red Crossbills, and those troublesome mammals!

Here is a recording of the webinar: