Dark morph Red-tailed Hawk

Decrypting Dark Raptors

Ted Keyel

Tue, Dec 12, 2023 7:00 PM

Ted Keyel says that he has always loved raptors and especially large numbers of raptors in migration. Ted has just returned from his second fall season counting raptors in Veracruz, Mexico — the largest migration of birds in the world, with millions of raptors counted each season!

The webinar will focus on identifying dark raptors using shape, structure, and flight style rather than any specific plumage marks (though those can be helpful). Ted also enjoys photographing raptors, especially in flight.

Join Ted as he shares some of his photos and knowledge of raptor identification. It will be a fun, educational, and challenging evening of decrypting dark raptors.

The livestream can be found at our YouTube channel.