Juvenile Parasitic Jaeger

Jaeger Meisters: A primer in Juvenile Stercorarius (pt 1)

Julian R. Hough

Tue, Jan 10, 2023 7:00 PM

Of all the bird families, seabirds pose some of the most difficult identifications for birders.

Jaegers are often difficult to observe, often occurring well out at sea, and are well-renowned for challenging birders of all skill levels due to their shared plumage similarities, especially juveniles and non-breeding individuals.

If you want to know the tips and tricks to help you improve your Jaeger identification, we invite you to join Julian Hough for part 1 of a two-part talk as he defines some of the problems and guides us through the main features to key into when faced with juvenile Parasitic, Pomarine and Long-tailed Jaegers.

Here is a video of the webinar: