Townsend's Warbler

How to Study and Memorize Bird Songs (and just about anything else)

Tom Stephenson

Tue, Feb 20, 2024 7:00 PM

Identifying the warblers and other species singing in the field is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects of birding. However, trying to learn and remember the important ID points of bird vocalizations can be difficult and sometimes very frustrating.

This webinar will cover many new techniques that make it easier to identify singing birds. Based on the system outlined in The Warbler Guide, the webinar will also explain how understanding a song’s structure, using objective, easy-to-hear song qualities, can speed up the identification process and make separating similar-sounding species much easier.

Learning and remembering songs is another important skill for birders. The webinar will also cover the science of memory and learning, and outline a simple, 3-step system that works very effectively for memorizing bird vocalizations and anything else you’d like to remember!

Mark your calendars (so you remember!) and join Tom for a delightful evening of learning, and remembering, bird song!

The livestream can be found at our YouTube channel.